Our Mission

Hello friend, and thank you for checking this out!

My name is Iván, and I've been an eager traveller for almost 15 years. I was lucky to see more than 40 countries on my own, including Greenland, the Arctic, Scandinavia, the Mongolian wilderness, China, South Africa, The Indian Ocean, and Chile, among many others. I truly enjoy being outdoors, finding the most epic camping spots, and feeling a sense of adventure again like it's the first time.

I know how overwhelming it can get to find unique spots these days when it seems like everyone has seen it all scrolling through social media. And it gets even more challenging when it comes to finding travel mates.

And this is why I decided to start this project - "nomadique".

Originally, I am from Sweden, but I have some slavic roots. We lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere near the Norwegian border. I realised that I wanted to share great places with people there. Nowadays, most of our crew moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada, where we live and create new tours around the Globe.

As we live in Canada, the only country in the world where French and English are official languages, we decided to find the name of our new local agency. As we are all nomads (as the home for us, the Globe, not a country), we decided to play around "nomad"-word. And then, we decided to add "-ique" and our name to a pinch of French culture.

The backstory starts in 2015 when my friend and I started a travel company. Our crew organised over 100 tours and expeditions through the wildest parts of Mongolia, Iceland, Greenland and other countries during first four years. Nowadays, we have more then I-even-do-not-know-this-number expeditions.

Nowadays, we aim to connect like-minded people while providing very personal, quality service. Keeping the groups small (precisely five people), we aim to keep the atmosphere of a road trip with friends very well-organised.

Travelling with us, you opt out of worries, and we handle all organisational processes from the first to the last minute of our journey. You have other more exciting things to do - enjoy the ride to a dozen secret spots we've found for you, and even your lunch and dinner are taken care of during our journey.


  • We carefully pick our gear - comfy tents and sleeping bags for camping trips and cosy and picturesque Airbnb houses for bigger adventures. When it comes to food, we ensure that when selecting produce for our menu, we consider your dietary restrictions. Our trips come in different forms and comfort levels - from camping in the wilderness to mind-blowing hotels. Check our expeditions.
  • If we have a "local" expedition - we use only high-end SUVs to provide you with a comfortable trip, even if we have a camping tour. We think journeys should be comfortable and within a great company; otherwise, it wouldn't be as great as we would like.

Who can join:

  • Age restrictions apply: 18+ for regular tours, 4+ for custom tours.

Bespoke tours:

  • Besides our regular tours, we offer fully customisable tours for groups of 4-10 participants, families and couples. For details, please email us here at orders@nomadique.tour.